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S. DĂŒhring, S. Schuster
Studying mixed-species biofilms of Candida albicans and Staphylococcus aureus using Evolutionary Game Theory
PLOS One, 2024, accepted
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S. Chakraborty and S. Schuster
How plant toxins cause early larval mortality in herbivorous insects: An explanation by modeling the net energy curve
Toxins 16, 2024, 72
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V. Wesp, L. Scholz, J. M. Ziermann, S. Schuster, H. Stark
Predicting bonds between collagens – A multiple alignment approach
bioRxiv, September, 2023, 2023.08.25.554753, Preprint
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V. Wesp, G. Theißen, S. Schuster
Statistical analysis of synonymous and stop codons in pseudo-random and real sequences as a function of GC content
Sci. Rep. 13, December, 2023, 22996
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S. Chakraborty, J. Gershenzon, S. Schuster
Selection pressure by specialist and generalist insect herbivores leads to optimal constitutive plant defense. A mathematical model
Ecology and evolution 13, 2023, e10763
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S. Dwivedi, C. Glock, S. Germerodt, H. Stark, S. Schuster
Game-theoretical description of the go-or-grow dichotomy in tumor development for various settings and parameter constellations
Sci. Rep. 13, 2023, 16758
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S. Schuster, T. Malycheva
Enumeration of saturated and unsaturated substituted N-heterocycles
arXiv:2309.02343, 2023, Preprint
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S. Chakraborty, S. Schuster
How plant toxins cause early larval mortality in herbivorous insects. An explanation by modeling the net-energy curve
Authorea, August 28, 2023, Preprint
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S. Chakraborty, J. Gershenzon, S. Schuster
Comparing two strategies of counter-defense against plant toxins: A modeling study on plant-herbivore interactions
Front. Ecol. Evol. 11, 2023, 1197757
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S. Schuster
Reinhart Heinrich: In memoriam of an exceptional scholar
BioSystems 231, 2023, 104965
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S. Chakraborty, J. Gerzhenzon, S. Schuster
Selection pressure by specialist and generalist insect herbivores leads to optimal constitutive plant defense. A mathematical model
Authorea March 10, 2023, preprint
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S. Chakraborty, J. Gershenzon, S. Schuster
Comparing two strategies of counter-defence against plant toxins: A modeling study on plant-herbivore interactions
Authorea February 2, 2023, preprint
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A. Then, H. Zhang, B. Ibrahim, S. Schuster
Bioinformatics Analysis of the Periodicity in Proteins with Coiled-Coil Structure—Enumerating All Decompositions of Sequence Periods
Intern. J. Molec. Sci. 23, 2022, 8692
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Andre Then, Jan Ewald, Natalie Söllner, Rebecca E. Cooper, Kirsten KĂŒsel, Bashar Ibrahim, Stefan Schuster
Agent-based modeling of iron cycling bacteria provides a framework for testing alternative environmental conditions and modes of action
Royal Society Open Science 9, 2022, 211553
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D. de Bartolo, M. de Luca, G. Antonucci, S. Schuster, G. Morone, S. Paolucci, M. Iosa
The golden ratio as an ecological affordance leading to aesthetic attractiveness
PsyCh Journal 11 (5), 2022, 729-740, First published: 23 December 2021
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J. Ewald, P.M. Jansen, S. Brunke, D. Hiller, C.H. Luther, H. González-Díaz, M.T. Dittrich, A. Fleißner, B. Hube, S. Schuster, C. Kaleta
The landscape of toxic intermediates in the metabolic networks of pathogenic fungi reveals targets for antifungal drugs
bioRxiv, 2021, 2021-09
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S. Alseekh, A. Aharoni, Y. Brotman, K. Contrepois, J. D'Auria, J. Ewald, J.C. Ewald, P.D. Fraser, P. Giavalisco, R.D. Hall, M. Heinemann, H. Link, J. Luo, S. Neumann, J. Nielsen, L. Perez de Souza, K. Saito, U. Sauer, F.C. Schroeder, S. Schuster, G. Siuzdak, A. Skirycz, L.W. Sumner, M.P. Snyder, H. Tang, T. Tohge, Y. Wang, W. Wen, S. Wu, G. Xu, N. Zamboni, A.R. Fernie
Mass spectrometry-based metabolomics: a guide for annotation, quantification and best reporting practices
Nature Methods 18 (7), 2021, 747-756
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J. Ewald, F. Rivieccio, L. Radosa, S. Schuster, A.A. Brakhage, C. Kaleta
Dynamic optimization reveals alveolar epithelial cells as key mediators of host defense in invasive aspergillosis
PLOS Comp. Biol. 17, 2021, e1009645
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S.Schuster, J.Ewald, C.Kaleta
Modeling the energy metabolism in immune cells
Current Opinion in Biotechnology 68, 2021, 282-291
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M. Fichtner, S. Schuster, H. Stark
Influence of spatial structure on protein damage susceptibility: a bioinformatics approach
Sci. Rep. 11, 2021, 4938
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M. Sitina, H. Stark, S. Schuster
Calculating the optimal hematocrit under the constraint of constant cardiac power
Sci. Rep. 11, 2021, 3925
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R. Garde, J. Ewald, A.T. Kovacs, S. Schuster
Modelling population dynamics in a unicellular social organism community using a minimal model and evolutionary game theory
Open Biology 10(11), 2020, 200206
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A.Then, K.MĂĄcha, B.Ibrahim, S.Schuster
A novel method for achieving an optimal classification of the proteinogenic amino acids
Scientific Reports 10, 2020, 15321
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E. Barth, P. Sieber, H. Stark, S. Schuster
Robustness during Aging — Molecular Biological and Physiological Aspects
Cells 9 (8), 2020, 1862
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S.Peter, F.Ghanim, P.Dittrich, B.Ibrahim
Organizations in reaction-diffusion systems: Effects of diffusion and boundary conditions
Ecological Complexity 43, 2020, 100855
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R. Garde, B. Ibrahim, S. Schuster
Extending the minimal model of metabolic oscillations in Bacillus subtilis biofilms
Sci. Rep. 10, 2020, 5579
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M. Sitina, H. Stark, S. Schuster
Calculating the optimal hematocrit under the constraint of constant cardiac power
bioRxiv, 2020, 2020.06.09.141374
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M. Fichtner, S. Schuster, H. Stark
Influence of spatial structure on protein damage susceptibility – A bioinformatics approach
bioRxiv, 2020, 973099
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R.Garde, B.Ibrahim, Á.T.Kovåcs, S.Schuster
Differential equation-based minimal model describing metabolic oscillations in Bacillus subtilis biofilms
Royal Society Open Science 7, 2020, 190810
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J. Ewald, P. Sieber, R. Garde, S.N. Lang, S. Schuster, B. Ibrahim
Trends in mathematical modeling of host-pathogen interactions
Cell. Mol. Life Sci. Volume 77, Issue 3, 2020, pp 467–480
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M. Fichtner, S. Schuster, H. Stark
Determination of scoring functions for protein damage susceptibility
BioSystems 187, 2020, 104035
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R.Garde, B.Ibrahim, Á.T.Kovåcs, S.Schuster
Differential equation based minimal model describing metabolic oscillations in Bacillus subtilis biofilms
bioRxiv, 2019, 775593
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P. Sieber*, E. Barth*, M. Marz
The landscape of the alternatively spliced transcriptome remains stable during aging across different species and tissues
bioRxiv February, 2019, 541417
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S. Schuster, J. Ewald, T. Dandekar, S. DĂŒhring
Optimizing defence, counter-defence and counter-counter defence in parasitic and trophic interactions - A modelling study
arXiv:1907.04820, 2019,
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M.D. Egbert, G. Gruenert, B. Ibrahim, P. Dittrich
Combining Evolution and Self-organization to Find Natural Boolean Representations in Unconventional Computational Media
BioSystems 184, 2019, 104011
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S. Peter, M. Hölzer, K. Lamkiewicz, P. di Fenizio, H. Al Hwaeer, M. Marz, S. Schuster, P. Dittrich, B. Ibrahim
Structure and Hierarchy of Influenza Virus Models Revealed by Reaction Network Analysis
Viruses 11(5), 2019, 449
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R. Henze, G. GrĂŒnert, B. Ibrahim, P. Dittrich
Spatial Rule-Based Simulations: The SRSim Software
Hlavacek, William S., Series: Modeling Biomolecular Site Dynamics. Methods in Molecular Biology, Humana Press, New York, NY , 2019, 231-249
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S. Peter, P. Dittrich, B. Ibrahim
Chemical Organization Theory of Reaction-diffusion systems
In: IEEE (eds. Essaaidi M., Nemiche M.), Conference Location: Ouarzazate, Morocco, Morocco , 4th World Conference on Complex Systems (WCCS), 2019,
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R. Henze, C. Mu, M. Puljiz, N. Kamaleson, J. Huwald, J. Haslegrave, P. di Fenizio, D. Parker, C. Good, J. E. E. Rowe, B. Ibrahim, P. Dittrich
Multi-scale stochastic organizationoriented coarse-graining exemplified on the human mitotic checkpoint
Sci Reports 9, 2019, 3902
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T. Weise, J.M. Reinecke, S. Schuster, M. Pfaff
Optimizing turbidostatic microalgal biomass productivity: A combined experimental and coarse-grained modelling approach
Algal Res. 39, 2019, 101439
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S. N. Lang, S. Germerodt, C. Glock, C. Skerka, P. F. Zipfel, S. Schuster
Molecular crypsis by pathogenic fungi using human factor H - A numerical model
PLOS One 14, 2019, e0212187
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T. Hinze, G. Rozenberg, A. Salomaa, C. Zandron (Editors)
CMC2018 - Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Membrane Computing
Series Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer Verlag, 2019, 288 p.
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K. G. V. Bondoc, C. Lembke, S. N. Lang, S. Germerodt, S. Schuster, W. Vyverman, G. Pohnert
Decision-making of the benthic diatom Seminavis robusta searching for inorganic nutrients and pheromones.
The ISME journal 13, 2019, 537-546
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H. Stark, M. Fichtner, S. Fischer
Die Verteilung des Bindegewebes im Menschen
In: Kongressband 24. Erfurter Tage “PrĂ€vention von arbeitsbedingten Gesundheitsgefahren und Erkrankungen”. (eds. I. DienstbĂŒhl, M. Stadler, H.-C. Scholle), Verlag Bussert & Stadeler (eds. I. DienstbĂŒhl, M. Stadler, H.-C. Scholle), Verlag Bussert & Stadeler, 2018,
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J. Schleicher, U. Dahmen
Computational modeling of oxidative stress in fatty livers elucidates the underlying mechanism of the increased susceptibility to ischemia/reperfusion injury
Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal 16, 2018, 511-522
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P. Sieber, K. Voigt, P. KĂ€mmer, S. Brunke, S. Schuster, J. Linde
Comparative study on alternative splicing in human fungal pathogens suggests its involvement during host invasion
Frontiers in Microbiology 9, 2018, 2313
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Stefan N. Lang, Sebastian Germerodt, Christina Glock, Christine Skerka, Peter F. Zipfel, Stefan Schuster
Molecular crypsis by pathogenic fungi using human factor H. A numerical model
bioRxiv, 2018, 250662, preprint, published in extended form in PLOS ONE in 2019
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S. Hummert, C. Glock, S. N. Lang, C. Hummert, C. Skerka, P.F. Zipfel, S. Germerodt, S. Schuster
Playing ’hide-and-seek’ with factor H: Game-theoretical analysis of a single nucleotide polymorphism
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 15, 2018, 20170963
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S. Peres, S. Schuster, P. Dague
Thermodynamic constraints for identifying the elementary flux modes
Biochemical Society Transactions 46(3), 2018, 641-647
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Anja LĂŒck, Lukas Klimmasch, Peter Großmann, Sebastian Germerodt, Christoph Kaleta
Computational Investigation of Environment-Noise Interaction in Single-Celled Organisms: The Merit of Expression Stochasticity Depends on the Quality of Environmental Fluctuations
Scientific Reports 8, 2018, 333
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P.Aramillo Irizar, S.SchĂ€uble, D.Esser, M.Groth, C.Frahm, S.Priebe, M.Baumgart, N.Hartmann, S.Marthandan, U.Menzel, J.MĂŒller, S.Schmidt, V.Ast, A.Caliebe, R.König, M.Krawczak, M.Ristow, S.Schuster, A.Cellerino, S.Diekmann, C.Englert, P.Hemmerich, J.SĂŒhnel, R.Guthke, O.W.Witte, M.Platzer, E.Ruppin, C.Kaleta
Transcriptomic alterations during ageing reflect the shift from cancer to degenerative diseases in the elderly
Nature Communications 9, 2018, 327
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P. Möller, X. Liu, S. Schuster, D. Boley
Linear programming model can explain respiration of fermentation products.
PloS one 13, 2018, e0191803
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S. Vlaic, T. Conrad, C. Tokarski-Schnelle, M. Gustafsson, U. Dahmen, R. Guthke, S. Schuster
ModuleDiscoverer: Identification of regulatory modules in protein-protein interaction networks
Scientific Reports 8, 2018, 433
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P. Sieber, M. Platzer, S. Schuster
The definition of open reading frame revisited
Trends in Genetics 34, 2018, 167-170
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Thomas Hinze, Benjamin Förster
Event-based Life in a Nutshell: How Evaluation of Individual Life Cycles Can Reveal Statistical Inferences using Action-accumulating P Systems
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10725, 2018, 129-150, In: M. Gheorghe, G. Rozenberg, A. Salomaa, C. Zandron (Eds.), Membrane Computing. 18th International Conference. ISBN 978-3-319-73358-6, Springer Verlag
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D. Ward, J. Trinogga, K. Wiegand, J. Du Toit, D. Okubamichael, S. Reinsch, J. Schleicher
Large shrubs increase soil nutrients in a semi-arid savanna.
Geoderma 310, 2018, 153-162
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H. Stark, M. Fichtner, P. Arnold, B. Hesse, I. Mischewski, M. S. Fischer
Methoden zur Quantifizierung kollagenhaltiger Strukturen
In: Kongressband 23. Erfurter Tage “PrĂ€vention von arbeitsbedingten Gesundheitsgefahren und Erkrankungen”. (eds. I. DienstbĂŒhl, M. Stadler, H.-C. Scholle), Verlag Bussert & Stadeler, 2017, 299-304
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P. Großmann, A. LĂŒck, C. Kaleta
Model-based genome-wide determination of RNA chain elongation rates in Escherichia coli.
Scientific reports 7, 2017, 17213
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T. Hinze
Interview with Gheorghe Paun
Bulletin of the International Membrane Computing Society 4 (Dezember), 2017, 171-180
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B. Christ, U. Dahmen, K.l-H. Herrmann, M. König, J. R. Reichenbach, T. Ricken, J. Schleicher, L. O. Schwen, S. Vlaic, N. Waschinsky
Computational Modeling in Liver Surgery
Frontiers in Physiology - Gastrointestinal Sciences 8, 2017, 906
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J. Schleicher, U. Dahmen, R. Guthke, S. Schuster
Zonation of hepatic fat accumulation: insights from mathematical modelling of nutrient gradients and fatty acid uptake.
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 14, 2017, pii: 20170443
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J. Ewald, M. Bartl, C. Kaleta
Deciphering the regulation of metabolism with dynamic optimization: an overview of recent advances
Biochemical Society Transactions 45 (4), 2017, 1-9
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S. DĂŒhring, J. Ewald, S. Germerodt, C. Kaleta, T. Dandekar and S. Schuster
Modelling the host–pathogen interactions of macrophages and Candida albicans using Game Theory and dynamic optimization
Journal of The Royal Society Interface 14 (132), 2017, 20170095
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S. Schuster
A new solution concept for the ultimatum game leading to the Golden Ratio
Scientific Reports 7, 2017, 5642
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S. Klamt, G. Regensburger, M.P. Gerstl, C. Jungreuthmayer, S. Schuster, R. Mahadevan, J. Zanghellini, S. MĂŒller
From Elementary Flux Modes to Elementary Flux Vectors: Metabolic Pathway Analysis with Arbitrary Linear Flux Constraints
PLOS Computational Biology 13 (4), 2017, e1005409
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J. Ewald, M. Bartl, T. Dandekar, C. Kaleta
Optimality principles reveal a complex interplay of intermediate toxicity and kinetic efficiency in the regulation of prokaryotic metabolism
PLOS Computational Biology 13, 2017, e1005371
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S. Peres, M. Jolicoeur, C. Moulin, P. Dague, S. Schuster
How important is thermodynamics for identifying elementary flux modes?
PLOS One 12, 2017, e0171440
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S. Schuster, M. Fichtner, S. Sasso
Use of Fibonacci numbers in lipidomics - Enumerating various classes of fatty acids
Scientific Reports 7, 2017, 39821
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K. Czakai, M. Dittrich, M. Kaltdorf, T. MĂŒller, S. Krappmann, A. Schedler, M. Bonin, S. DĂŒhring, S. Schuster, C. Speth, G. Rambach, H. Einsele, T. Dandekar, J. Löffler
Influence of platelet-rich plasma on the immune response of human monocyte-derived dendritic cells and macrophages simulated with Aspergillus fumigatus
International Journal of Medical Microbiology 307 (2), 2017, 95–107
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T. Hinze
Coping with Dynamical Structures for Interdisciplinary Applications of Membrane Computing
Springer Series Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10105, 2017, 16-27
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S. Ellenberger, A. Burmester, S. Schuster, J. Wöstemeyer
Post-translational regulation by structural changes of 4-dihydromethyltrisporate dehydrogenase, a key enzyme in sexual and parasitic communication mediated by the trisporic acid pheromone system, of the fungal fusion parasite Parasitella parasitica
Journal of theoretical Biology 413, 2017, 50-57
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M. Fichtner, K. Voigt, S. Schuster
The tip and hidden part of the iceberg: Proteinogenic and non-proteinogenic aliphatic amino acids
Biochimica and Biophysica Acta - General Subjects 1861 ( 1, Part A), 2017, 3258-3269
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T. Hinze, L. Weber, U. Hatnik
Walking Membranes: Grid-exploring P Systems with Artificial Evolution for Multi-purpose Topological Optimisation of Cascaded Processes
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10105 , 2017, 251-271
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A. J. Heidel, C. Kiefer, G. Coupland, L. E. Rose
Pinpointing genes underlying annual/perennial transitions with comparative genomics.
BMC genomics 17, 2016, 921
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M. Hölzer, V. KrÀhling ,F. Amman, E. Barth, S.H. Bernhart, V.A. Carmelo, M. Collatz, G. Doose , F. Eggenhofer, J. Ewald, J. Fallmann, L.M. Feldhahn , M. Fricke, J. Gebauer, A.J. Gruber, F. Hufsky, H. Indrischek, S. Kanton, J. Linde, N. Mostajo, R. Ochsenreiter, K. Riege, L. Rivarola-Duarte, A.H. Sahyoun, S.J. Saunders, S.E. Seemann, A. Tanzer, B. Vogel, S. Wehner, M.T. Wolfinger, R. Backofen, J. Gorodkin, I. Grosse, I. Hofacker, S. Hoffmann, C. Kaleta, P.F. Stadler, S. Becker, M. Marz
Differential transcriptional responses to Ebola and Marburg virus infection in bat and human cells
Scientific Reports 6: 34589, 2016,
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Hebecker B, S. Vlaic, Conrad T, Bauer M, Brunke S, Kapitan M, Linde J, Hube B, Jacobsen ID
Dual-species transcriptional profiling during systemic candidiasis reveals organ-specific host-pathogen interactions.
Scientific Reports 6, 2016, 36055
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Use of systems biology to decipher host-pathogen interaction networks and predict biomarkers.
Clinical Microbiology and Infection 22 (7), 2016, 600-606
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Pervasive Selection for Cooperative Cross-Feeding in Bacterial Communities
PLOS Computational Biology 12 (6), 2016, e1004986
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J. PollmÀcher, S. Timme, S. Schuster, A.A. Brakhage, P.F. Zipfel, M.T. Figge
Deciphering the counterplay of Aspergillus fumigatus infection and host inflammation by evolutionary games on graphs
Scientific Reports 6, 2016, Article number: 278072016
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A genome-scale database and reconstruction of Caenorhabditis elegans metabolism
Cell Systems 2 (5), 2016, 312-322
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T. Weise, S. Schuster, M. Pfaff
Bestimmung algenbiotechnologisch relevanter Parameter im kontinuierlichen Bioprozessregime: Ertrags- und Maintenance-Koeffizient
In: Tagungsband 17. NW-Konferenz der mittel- und ostdeutschen Hochschulen fĂŒr angewandte Wissenschaften (eds. T. Seul), 2016, 30-35
bibtex ]

S. Ellenberger, L. Siegmund, S. Schuster, J. Wöstemeyer
Horizontal gene transfer between bacteria and protozoa: Gene-specific detection by combining different approaches in a new score-based algorithm
Endocytobiosis and Cell Research 27 (2), 2016, 36-46
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S. Widder, R. J. Allen, T. Pfeiffer, ..., S. Schuster, ...,O. S. Soyer
Challenges in microbial ecology: building predictive understanding of community function and dynamics
ISME Journal 10, 2016, 2557-2568
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T. Hinze, J. Behre, K. Kirkici, Pa. Sauer, Pe. Sauer, S. Hayat
Passion to P for Polymorphic Processes in Practice
In: Multidisciplinary Creativity. Homage to Gheorghe Paun on His 65th Birthday (eds. M. Gheorghe, I. Petre, M.J. Perez-Jimenez, G. Rozenberg, A. Salomaa), ISBN 978-606-8401-63-8, Spandugino, 2016, ch. 7, 77-88
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T. Hinze, K. Kirkici, Pa. Sauer, Pe. Sauer, J. Behre
Membrane Computing Meets Temperature: A Thermoreceptor Model as Molecular Slide Rule with Evolutionary Potential
Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9504, 2016, 215-235
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S. Pande, F. Kaftan, S. Lang, A. Svatos, S. Germerodt, C. Kost
Privatization of cooperative benefits stabilizes mutualistic cross-feeding interactions in spatially structured environments
ISME Journal 10, 2016, 1413-1423
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M. T. Prauße, S. SchĂ€uble, R. Guthke, S. Schuster
Computing the various pathways of penicillin synthesis and their molar yields.
Biotechnology and bioengineering 113 (1), 2016, 173-181
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A. Lopez Garcia de Lomana, S. SchÀuble, J. Valenzuela, S. Imam, W. Carter, D. D. Bilgin, C. B. Yohn, S. Turkarslan, D. J. Reiss, M. V. Orellana, N. D. Price, N. S. Baliga
Transcriptional program for nitrogen starvation-induced lipid accumulation in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.
Biotechnology for biofuels 8, 2015, 207
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J.Mansfeld, N.Urban, S.Priebe, M.Groth, C.Frahm, N.Hartmann, J.Gebauer, M.Ravichandran, A.Dommaschk, S.Schmeisser, D.Kuhlow, S.Monajembashi, S.Bremer-Streck, P.Hemmerich, M.Kiehntopf, N.Zamboni, C.Englert, R.Guthke, C.Kaleta, M.Platzer, J.SĂŒhnel, O.W.Witte, K.Zarse, M.Ristow
Branched-chain amino acid catabolism is a conserved regulator of physiological ageing
Nature Communications 6, 2015, 10043
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S. Imam, S. SchÀuble, J. Valenzuela, A. Lopez Garcia de Lomana, W. Carter, N. D. Price, N. S. Baliga
A refined genome-scale reconstruction of Chlamydomonas metabolism provides a platform for systems-level analyses.
The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 84 (6), 2015, 1239–1256
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S. K. Ludwig, C. Tokarski, S. N. Lang, L. A. van Ginkel, H. Zhu, A. Ozcan, M. W. Nielen
Calling biomarkers in milk using a protein microarray on your smartphone
PloS one 10, 2015, e0134360
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